Working With Kesha//True Colors

I first met Kesha on the set of her music video for We R Who We R back on November 1st, 2010. It was a two night shoot and I had driven down from the bay area when I got the call asking me to do the video. I checked into the Beverly Hilton around 4 PM and had a make-up artist/hair stylist at the hotel doing my hair and make-up by 5. I arrived on set around 8 PM the first night and was there until about 8 AM the next day. That first day I only saw Kesha for a few minutes since we were shooting different scenes. The next night we worked the same hours. We started off on the roof top of a sky scraper in downtown LA. I remember Kesha calling me a hottie and making small talk between takes. As soon as the cameras were rolling, she was on. Watching her work was like watching a famous artist paint and a masterpiece. I hadn't listened to much of her music before this point, aside from Tik Tok and Blah Blah Blah. When we were back on the ground is when I saw a different side of Kesha. She was attached to wires and standing a couple steps up on a ladder, she was going to lean back and a group of people were supposed to "catch her" and hold her up. She stood on the ladder and her knees were shaking. She admitted that she was terrified. Kesha terrified? I was actually quite shocked. Lucky for her, she has a stunt double that did the fall from the top of the roof. I extended my arm and let her hold on to my hand. It's in that moment that I realized that even though Kesha looks tough and confident, she's human too. We danced that night until the sun came up and my hips hurt so much that I had to ice them afterwards. We sipped on TANG between scenes and were harassed by hoards paparazzi trying to get as much information as possible from girls that just weren't having it. I realized how often Kesha has to deal with people being rude and inappropriate if they didn't immediately get what they wanted from her.
I had the pleasure of working with Kesha again a few months later. The more moments I spent around her, the more I admired her as a person. Kesha put up with so much crap - mainly from the men in the business. When news came out that she was suing Dr. Luke and Sony and wanted out her contract, I was relieved. I had worked and spent time around a lot of male pop stars and none of them had to put up with the same things I had seen her put up with. When I heard about the abuse, I instantly knew that it was the truth. One thing I learned about Kesha is that she wouldn't start drama for no reason. Kesha is supportive of everyone, she loves her friends, her family, animals. The one person she had been neglecting for so long was herself. Yes, Kesha is a fun personality, but she's also not someone to BS. When I heard about the things Dr. Luke had said to her, I felt a pit in my stomach. I could hear the words coming out of the devil's mouth. I followed the case and frequently let my feelings be heard on social media. Why are women always told to come forward about rape and abuse, but are then shut down and called liars when they do? I was disgusted by everything that came out of the judge's mouth. It wasn't just a slap in the face to Kesha, but to all women.
Sony agreed to let Kesha work with other producers, but Luke still had complete control over what she could release and still would make a majority of the money off anything that she put out. Even if she didn't have to work in the studio with him, she would still have to work with him in some capacity and would not have her music promoted.
I am so grateful to Zedd for stepping up and giving Kesha her voice back. It is amazing to see people stand up and support Kesha for speaking the truth. Very few male musicians and producers commented on the situation, so it speaks volumes that not only did Zedd comment but he also took action. THANK YOU! I urge everyone to go to the iTunes store and purchase True Colors. It's time to show Sony that Kesha is more than just a party girl doll molded by Dr. Luke. Kesha is a human with a voice that the world wants to hear.
You can purchase True Colors by clicking here

When Face Masks

Sheet masks are one of my guilty pleasures so when I found out I would be receiving When face masks, I was ecstatic. The great thing about When face masks is that there is a mask for almost every skin issue. I received a sample pack that included Travelmate (refreshing mask), Glamour Base (preparing mask), 10:00 PM (replenishing mask), Snow Magic (brightening mask), & The Last Choice (hydrating mask). The pack of all 5 sells for $35 & can be purchased by clicking here
The first mask I tried was Snow Magic & I loved it! These masks didn't irritate my sensitive skin and feel incredibly soothing. A few days later I tried the 10:00 PM mask and had great results again. I try not to do sheet masks everyday since that tends to mess up my skin, so I haven't tried the other three masks yet, but I have high hopes for them! I'm most excited for the Travelmate mask since I'm always on the go. I'm saving the Glamour Base mask for the next event that I go to & wear a full face of make-up. After trying the first two masks, I can guarantee that these masks will be something I continue using in the future. I will probably end up buying packs of my favorites.

You can buy When face masks individually or in a pack. You can purchase them at any of the retailers below:

& be sure to follow When on social media so you can keep track of news & when they'll be in your area!

*The masks in the post were sent to me for free to review. All opinions are my own.*

From Aunt Flo

I've been loving trying out different types of subscription boxes and am really glad I tried out this one! I didn't have a period for three years of my life and am just now getting used to having to go through menstruation every month. I forgot how absolutely miserable having a period is! This box was definitely a blessing. I received my Aunt Flo Pamper Pack two days before I started my period this month. The box included a mix of pads and tampons (you can specify a preference when signing up), tea for a calm cycle, a selection of chocolates, Tide laundry detergent, and fuzzy socks. I personally don't like chocolate, so that got passed off to Andrew (who deserved it for listening to me whine on my period). The tea tasted great and did help me kick back and relax a little. The pads/tampons were enough if you have a short/light period like me, but if you bleed more than two days you would need to buy more. I love that all of the feminine hygiene products they sent were "active" products since those are the ones I usually tend to buy at the store. The fuzzy socks were a highlight for me because it felt like a little treat for myself. This took away some of the stress of my period and gave me something to look forward to. Thanks, Aunt Flo!
You can subscribe and get a monthly Aunt Flo Pamper Pack by clicking here

Subscriptions are $19.99 for month-to-month and cost slightly less if you sign-up for a longer subscription.

*The subscription box mentioned in this post was sent to me for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.*

Billion Dollar Brows

I was thrilled to receive four Brows on Point Micro Pencils from Billion Dollar Brows. I have finally achieved a perfect arch on my brows (it only took 26 years to make that happen!) and I'm excited to now concentrate on  accentuating them. Billion Dollar Brows sent me all four colors, which I have swatched below from darkest to lightest.
Top: Raven
Second: Taupe
Third: Light Brown
Bottom: Blonde
I use a mix of taupe and light brown on my brows and used the blonde on Andrew's brows for fun. His eye brows are extremely light, so it was interesting to actually get to see the shape of his eyebrows! These are some of the best eye brow pencils I've ever used. They go on easily and I love how thin they are! They break easily if you press too hard, but all you have to do is twist the pencil and it's ready to go again! These sell for $16 a piece, which is a fantastic deal (especially since you really only need one!). 

You can check out the micro pencils by clicking here  & heading to their website!
I highly recommend watching some of their awesome "How-To" videos while you're there, as well!

*The products mentioned in the post were sent to me for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own*

Girl Boss Box -- April 2016

I received my first Girl Boss Box this month and am happy to say that it was worth the wait. This is a new subscription service so I'd only seen the contents of one box before this month. The theme of this month's box was "On The Go", which is perfect for me since I feel like I'm always on my way somewhere.

The April box included:

Corkcicle Canteen 9oz -- $19.95
Tassel Keychain -- $7
Essie Adore-A-Ball Sheer Polish -- $8.50
Travel Perfume Atomizer -- $5
Tote Bag -- $20
Buff Bake Protein Nut Butter -- $2
Sparkling Wine Lip Balm Set -- $12

The lip balm set and canteen were my two favorite items this month and the perfume atomizer would have to be my least favorite. The lip balm set came with orange mimosa, peach bellini, and moscato. The mimosa is hands down my favorite, but all of them smell divine. I have nothing against the perfume atomizer, but I already own several. I love Essie polishes and was excited to get a color that I didn't previously own. I saw that some people received two Buff Bake packets, but I seem to have only gotten one (unless it fell out of the box while I was opening it). I am looking forward to trying out the snickerdoodle flavored spread. The tote bag is cute. April seems to be a month of tote bags for me because I've now received four different ones. This is one of my favorites though. The bag just screams springtime! You can get this box delivered on a month-to-month basis for $45 a month. Considering the contents are worth just slightly less than double that, I would say this box is a great deal. I love the monthly theme and I felt like it was curated well. Props to Girl Boss Box and I hope that this service really takes off.

You can use the code: GIRLBOSS316 to receive 10% off at checkout!

Be sure to check out their website here!

Celebrate -- Lauren Conrad

I don't normally write book reviews on the blog, but I knew I had to share one of my current favorites with all of you. I've been a longtime Lauren Conrad fan and was ecstatic when I heard she was coming out with a party planning book. I love the idea of throwing parties (I love actually throwing them too, I just don't as often as I would like) and I knew that the book was going to be chalked full of beautiful pictures. I sure wasn't wrong! The book has gorgeous matte pages with stunning images on every page!
The first part of the book includes sections on concept, invitations, menus, decor, and the bar. The second part focuses on specific types of parties and includes birthday, engagement, bridal shower, housewarming, dinner, baby shower, clambake, bachelorette, wedding, brunch, holiday, and New Year's Eve parties. I love the wide variety of different parties that she included and plan on following her tips and tricks for several different types of parties in the next few months.
Lauren talks about her own experiences throwing parties and gives advice that she learned along the way. If you're getting married, there's also a suggested timeline of how far in advance to do things. She also recommends waiting to start planning your honeymoon until you're really stressed out with wedding plans because it makes for a nice breath of fresh air. She also mentions when you should have the talk about eloping vs having a large wedding. I love the personal insight that Lauren gives. This book doesn't seem quite as formal and stuffy as a lot of other party planning books I have read.
Lauren also talks about the etiquette for each type of event. For example - what should you bring as a hostess gift to a dinner party? Lauren believes that all good gifts should be able to be burned, eaten, or drank. Giving a gift that can be consumed is great because it won't clutter the person's house forever and they won't feel an obligation to always have your gift displayed somewhere in their house.
Asking for your guests food preferences is a big one! I never think to ask what people can/can't eat before they come over & it's something I'm now more aware of. Especially in the days where people are so weird about eating gluten. Lauren says you can't always make everyone happy, but you can have a wide variety of food to ensure that there is at least something for everyone.
If you either love throwing parties or just love books with pretty pictures, I would highly recommend Celebrate! This is a home-run by Lauren and easily her best book to date. 

Amazon currently has the book available for just $16.99!

HASK Kalahari Melon Oil Hair Care Collection

I was incredibly excited to receive a package from HASK which included their Kalahari Melon Oil shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and shine oil. As an added bonus they also threw in the cutest HASK brush!

I used the shine oil minutes after opening the box. It smelled and worked great! ALL of the Kalahari Melon Oil products smell amazing! After the oil worked so well I was even more excited to try the rest of the products. I read about how all of the products are free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalaytes, alcohol, and artificial colors. Alcohol is a big no-no for me in hair and beauty products, so I was happy to see that is was alcohol free. I also read about how the products also include cranberry & sunflower oils, which may have contributed to the phenomenal smell. After my shower, I am happy to say that the products all lived up to the inner hype that I gave them. This is made for colored hair & adds a ton of moisture! I would recommend this to ANYONE who had dry hair, not just those who color it.
My boyfriend is extremely picky when it comes to hair care products. He only likes natural products and has long, curly, thick, dry hair. After complimenting the smell of my hair and reading the brand info himself, he started using these products, as well. I'm happy to say they're 'Andrew Approved'!

You can shop the products by going here. I would recommend checking out their other lines while you're there!

Also check out their social media pages for news and updates:

Mother's Day Brunch Style

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking the ad in this post, I will receive a commission*

Mother's Day is right around the corner and one of my favorite things to do is take my mom out to brunch. Hello, bottomless mimosas! Since my mom had surgery a few months back and is still medicated and has to be hooked up to a backpack 12 hours a day to receive nutrition through a PICC line, she's not allowed to drink. But that doesn't mean delicious pancakes and omelettes are off the table! I love dressing up in cute spring dresses for Mother's Day.

Here are some of my current favorites from ModCloth to wear for brunch::

Second Date Delight Dress -- $84.99

Very Charming Dress -- $89.99

Picnic Potluck Dress -- $59.99

Learn The Sweetheart Way Dress -- $79.99

Share & Share Alight Dress -- $69.99

Rooftop Reveal Dress -- $64.99

After you find the perfect dress for yourself, you can buy your mom an instant gift certificate and let her pick out a dress for the big day, as well! You both can look and feel beautiful while enjoying your day together!
Let me know what you're doing for your mom for Mother's Day!

Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel

I was sent the Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel from PCA Skin and have enjoyed trying it out this past week. The gel treats dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, & sagging eye lids. I am only 26, but like throwing some anti-aging products in to my routine to help prevent wrinkles and sagging. Sagging eye lids are one of my biggest aging fears and I was excited to try out a product that claims to help with that. 

I use this gel at the end of my morning and evening skincare routines. This gel costs $84 a tube, but you use such a small amount each use that this product will probably last me 3-6 months. It has a light silky texture, which absorbs well and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky.

From what I can tell after a week of use, it is a fantastic product and works well to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I haven't been using it long enough to know how it's going to affect the look of aging overall, but so far so good!

You can check out this product and more PCA Skin products here 

*The product mentioned is this post was given to me for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own*

March/April Favorites + Giveaway

You know what it's time for?! My March/April favorites and a giveaway! Here are some of my favorite items from the past couple months. Enter to win all of my favorites by filling out the box on the bottom of the page!

1. Celebrate by Lauren Conrad
I love Lauren Conrad & I love throwing parties & get-togethers! This is the best of both worlds! Gorgeous photos and fun ideas!

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Tumbler
Like I mentioned in my last favorites post, I am obsessed with cups and is consistently putting out great ones. This new tumbler is super cute & perfect for summertime!

3. Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Candle
My favorite fragrance at the moment! Kick back and relax with this candle!

4. Rifle Paper Co. Market List
I got one of these in a box from Pumeli and have been using it like crazy! I like that it sticks to my fridge and I can easily add something to my list when I realize I'm low.

5. Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
I don't have a bath tub at home, but like bringing this with me when I'm on vacation. Lush bath bombs are gorgeous and make for a great relaxing experience.

6. Q & A a Day: A 5-Year Journal
I've been really into writing in prompted journals recently. This one is great because it asks you 365 questions and you answer the same question once a year for five years. It's fun to see how your answers change over time.

Now -- Enter to win all the items you just read about!

An Influential Woman In My Life

When I was asked to write about a woman who influenced me, my first thought was to write about my mother. My mother is an incredible person, but there was something that made me feel like that would be the wrong choice. After attending a memorial service for a close family friend today, I knew exactly who I wanted to write about.

I first met Melinda a few years back. She has married one of my mom's friends from college and attended my mom's monthly wine parties. Melinda would always ask me about the things going on in my life and would always remember details about my job, my life, my family. and my boyfriend. When I had a ladie's brunch at my house, she showed up early to help me set-up (without me even asking) and arrived with roses in a vase that she decorated for me herself. She helped with day of set-up for my mom's vow renewal last December, as well. Melinda was always the first to help and always knew when you needed help, even when you didn't ask for it.

Melinda had an extensive heart surgery when she was 30 and was constantly in and out of the hospital. She never complained about her health and never asked for anything. In all honesty, she never complained about ANYTHING. She loved her husband, her family, her job, and her friends. Her life was rich and full of beauty even when he body was failing her.

Melinda passed away unexpectedly on Easter. It came as a shock to me since I had seen her less than a week before at my mom's wine party and had had a long conversation with her. She looked so happy and healthy. She had sent us on our camping trip with a big pot of clam chowder that she made for us. Today, I attended her memorial service and heard dozens of people singing Melinda the same praises. She was one of the most helpful, loyal, and giving person that most people have ever met.

Her husband talked to her cardiologist after her passing to ask what her actual cause of death was. After a brief discussion, the doctor informed him that he had told her that she could die at any time = 2 years ago. She decided to keep that from her husband and everyone around and instead chose to use her limited time to share her gratitude and love with the people around her.

Melinda taught me that I never have any reason to complain, to love to my fullest capacity, and that there's never a reason big enough to prohibit you from helping someone else. I feel good about the last conversation I had with her, but wish I had let her know how much she affected my life.

It's so important to let the women that influence you know how much you care. Mother's Day is just around the corner and Stitch Fix gift cards are a great gift. Place the card in a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers and you've got a gift of champions. With Stitch Fix she can get a fix catered to her likes and she can use the gift card to purchase her favorite items from her fix.

*This post contains affiliate links. I will get a commission if you make a Stitch Fix purchase after clicking the ad above.*

Beating The Flu

I had put today aside to share with you what my average day is like start to finish, but instead ended up sick in bed. Since Andrew is at work today and his brother is visiting (I'm not going to make his brother take care of me) I've been fending for myself most of the day. I thought I would share with you some of the things that I do when trying to get better from the flu.

I feel like this is a given. I started doing the second thing of this list and actually had to turn it off mid-episode because my eyes were so tired. I woke up at 8am today and have spent only about an hour total out of bed.

I had been so excited when I heard Ellie Kemper and Tina Fey were teaming up for a show and the first season was AMAZING! The second season came out today, which made for the perfect sick-day binge watch. The show is chalked full of optimistic motivational quotes for when you're feeling like crap.

3. PHO
Andrew did come home for lunch today & he brought pho, which after passing on breakfast, was exactly what I needed. The broth & noodles are super easy on the stomach. I did feel quite nauseated afterwards, but I know pho was a much better choice than the food we had in our house.

It's easy to become dehydrated when sick, so I always make it a point to drink water so that I don't end up in the hospital with an IV. Enough said.

The one nice thing about Andrew's brother being in town is that he cuts up whole ginger and literally eats a small bowl every single day. A couple bites of ginger helps with the nausea and helps suppress hunger (not that I even need it for that reason today).

6. TEA
I don't think the tea has actually helped me feel any better, but it does have a calming effect to it. The less stress my body feels, the better!

Luckily, I have a built in seat/ledge/bench (I don't know what you'd call it) in my shower so I have the option to sit down if I feel dizzy. Washing my hair and cleaning my body makes me feel a lot less funky and hopeless.

Doing my normal skincare routine even when I'm sick prevents my skin from feeling gross and icky and makes me feel like I don't look quite as dreadful as a sicky.

I love yoga pants and running tights all the time and when I'm sick there is no way that I'm wearing proper pants.

Sick days are the best day for fuzzy socks. Period.

That's pretty much it. I'm heading back to bed now and hope to feel well enough tomorrow to walk you through what an average day is really like. I also have a whole queue of review posts and style posts that I'm working on. Let me know what you always do when you're trying to get over a flu!

Cute dresses from LuLu*s!!!