What I've Been Up To!

Just a quick little update about what's been going on in my life and what is next for me. I feel like I have been posting a lot of reviews (which I love!) but I thought it was time to write about what's up with me.

First off, Andrew & I have been living together for about 8 months now. Living with a significant other is something that is still new to me and something that definitely takes some getting used to. We have a 2 bedroom house, so he gets his own "man cave" and then we have our bedroom. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I fit in and where I could set up a space that could be mine. A few weeks ago we got new chairs for our living room and I now have my own little corner with a table and a book case where I can set up my laptop and drink my coffee. Even though I don't have quite as much "me space", I'm realizing that I don't really need more. Andrew's family from Oregon came down for a couple days before we went camping and we had a really great dinner with them at Andrew's mom's house. I got to meet a bunch of family that I hadn't had a chance to meet before, which was really wonderful because they were all such amazing people. His grandparents are coming down later this week. I haven't gotten to meet them in person yet, but have FaceTimed with them. Meeting new people always makes me a tad bit nervous, but I'm trying to embrace uncomfortable feelings.

Speaking of uncomfortable feelings, I started coaching Girls on the Run this year. I'm not the most comfortable around children, but wanted to push myself to do something different. It keeps me motivated to run throughout the week and to eat well. We've been talking about uncomfortable and comfortable feelings and how to feel more comfortable about the things that make us anxious, scared, and angry. My girls are absolutely incredible and I am really looking forward to running the 5k with them in May.

I've been going to a bunch of different events lately and I will be posting a bunch of style posts about all of my amazing event outfits. I have to admit that sometimes I get really lazy and don't feel like going out, but I've been making the effort to actually look nice and I usually enjoy myself. The photo above is of Andrew & I at a cocktail launch party last week. I didn't bother to do my make-up before going out, but at least I went out! There are lots of movie premieres and fashion events in the near future. If you don't know, I'm also an actress, so it always feels good to go out and celebrate former (& future) castmates and friends.

I feel like I've been going through a shift social media wise. I'm spending less and less time on Twitter and more time on Snapchat. They really sucked me in with the fun filters and the new chat features. I'm really great about sharing products I receive and love interacting with everyone. It's so much more fun to send a quick picture or video to you guys verses a short tweet. I also love watching everyone's stories! I check them frequently throughout the day. Sometimes it's nice to know that you're not alone when it comes to nasty hangovers or being tired at 3 in the afternoon. If we're not already Snap friends, feel free to add me & I'll add you back!

What have you all been up to? Send me an email at lindsey@lindsey-sparkles.com or comment below and let me know!

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