Tips For Working At Home

I do the majority of my blogging from home and know the struggle when it comes to being productive while in the comfort of my own space. I also was the social media manager for a popular fashion app and frequently spent my work days in my living room tweeting away. Here are a few of my favorite tips if you're trying to get work done at home.

1. Get Dressed 
Putting on actual clothing in the morning will prevent you from thinking that it's cozy lounging around time.

2. Don't Work In Bed
And if you can avoid it, don't work from the couch either. Sitting at a table will help you crack down and work. If you have a designated work area, that's even better.

3. Eat Breakfast & Prepare Snacks Before You Start Working 
Don't start work on an empty stomach. Preparing your snacks for the day will help you to make healthier choices & will prevent you from taking a handful of breaks to grab food.

4. Stay Off Websites That Are Known To Distract You
Can you spend hours upon hours on Pinterest? Stay off of it during the time you set aside for work.

5. Get Exercise
Take a break halfway through your workday and get your blood flowing. Go for a quick run or go through some pilates moves. This will help keep you feeling refreshed.

6. Plan Your Breaks 
Plan out what time you will take your breaks and for how long. I recommend a 15 minute break and a 30 minute break if you're working a full work day.

7. Plan Your Workday
Write down what you need to work on throughout the day and any deadlines you may have. Prioritize and start with what needs to be done first.

8. Lay Off The Energy Drinks
I know, I know...Red Bull is just SO good! BUT it will make it harder to focus. Try sipping on green tea or black coffee if you need a work day caffeine fix.

Let me know your favorite tips for working at home by tweeting or snapchatting me @linelizabeth89!


  1. Don't give yourself excuses. I'm a professional procrastinator and anything, I mean anything, will stop me from doing what I'm supposed to be doing!

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