Beating The Flu

I had put today aside to share with you what my average day is like start to finish, but instead ended up sick in bed. Since Andrew is at work today and his brother is visiting (I'm not going to make his brother take care of me) I've been fending for myself most of the day. I thought I would share with you some of the things that I do when trying to get better from the flu.

I feel like this is a given. I started doing the second thing of this list and actually had to turn it off mid-episode because my eyes were so tired. I woke up at 8am today and have spent only about an hour total out of bed.

I had been so excited when I heard Ellie Kemper and Tina Fey were teaming up for a show and the first season was AMAZING! The second season came out today, which made for the perfect sick-day binge watch. The show is chalked full of optimistic motivational quotes for when you're feeling like crap.

3. PHO
Andrew did come home for lunch today & he brought pho, which after passing on breakfast, was exactly what I needed. The broth & noodles are super easy on the stomach. I did feel quite nauseated afterwards, but I know pho was a much better choice than the food we had in our house.

It's easy to become dehydrated when sick, so I always make it a point to drink water so that I don't end up in the hospital with an IV. Enough said.

The one nice thing about Andrew's brother being in town is that he cuts up whole ginger and literally eats a small bowl every single day. A couple bites of ginger helps with the nausea and helps suppress hunger (not that I even need it for that reason today).

6. TEA
I don't think the tea has actually helped me feel any better, but it does have a calming effect to it. The less stress my body feels, the better!

Luckily, I have a built in seat/ledge/bench (I don't know what you'd call it) in my shower so I have the option to sit down if I feel dizzy. Washing my hair and cleaning my body makes me feel a lot less funky and hopeless.

Doing my normal skincare routine even when I'm sick prevents my skin from feeling gross and icky and makes me feel like I don't look quite as dreadful as a sicky.

I love yoga pants and running tights all the time and when I'm sick there is no way that I'm wearing proper pants.

Sick days are the best day for fuzzy socks. Period.

That's pretty much it. I'm heading back to bed now and hope to feel well enough tomorrow to walk you through what an average day is really like. I also have a whole queue of review posts and style posts that I'm working on. Let me know what you always do when you're trying to get over a flu!

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