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Congratulations to Ellen who won my January/February Favorites Giveaway! After chatting with some of you about what to give away next, I decided on three prizes! When you fill out the survey below, you will automatically be entered to win! You're chances are higher than ever since there will be three winners this time!

1 winner will win a 7" Kindle Fire

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I am really excited to hear your feedback on the blog and am looking forward to announcing the winners to the giveaway next Monday! You just have to be 18 years or older to win! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below or on twitter (@linelizabeth89)!

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Romantic Road Trip Style

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My boyfriend & I have been discussing going on a road trip from California our to the mid-west. When I normally think of road trips, I imagine myself in sweatpants and tank tops for an entire week. If I'm going to be in a car for an extended period of time I would at least like to be comfortable. After browsing ModCloth, my thoughts on road trip fashion changed. I started imagining myself in beautiful effortless dresses and adorable booties and flats. The more I think about how cute my outfits will be as we go state to state, the more excited I am becoming for an upcoming trip. Below are some of my favorite romantic road trip style pieces. Let me know what your favorite pieces are! I'm currently obsessed with the idea of the Merriment to be Dress paired with the Modern Miracle Vest, Wander Year Booties, the Course of Nature Backpack, and the Solar Rather Than Later Sunglasses. 

1. Downtown Delights Bag -- $47.99

2. How The Staples Have Turned Skirt -- $54.99

3. Call to a Halter Top -- $39.99

4. Flair of Confidence Bag -- $59.99

5. Seattle It Be? Sandal -- $39.99

6. Everyday Festive Slip-On Sneaker -- $94.99

7. Edgy Meets Elegant Jacket -- $69.99

8. Modern Miracle Vest -- $39.99

9. Undisputed Class Watch -- $124.99

10. Winsome in the Willows Top -- $39.99

11. Whole Stride World Flat -- $34.99

12. Happy as a Clambake Dress -- $64.99

13. Wander Years Bootie -- $49.99

14. Solar Rather Than Later Sunglasses -- $69.99

15. Ain't Seen Nothing Yacht Dress -- $69.99

16. Square Wonderful Earrings -- $14.99

17. Twinkle in Time Dress -- $54.99

18. At Oolong Last Top -- $49.99

19. Merriment to Be Dress -- $59.99

20. Until Next Time, Folk! Dress -- $64.99

21. Course of Nature Backpack -- $64.99

22. Charismatic Coffee Lover Bootie -- $39.99

23. Falling in Luck Dress -- $59.99

24. Boldest Geometric in the Book Dress-- $69.99

25. Cape Cruising Dress -- $59.99

26. Courteous Curtsy Dress -- $64.99

27. Crop on the Bandwagon Jeans -- $49.99

Mary-Kate And Ashley Know Best -- 18 Quotes on Business

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were in the spotlight from infancy and were able to start their own production company before they even graduated middle school. Now, the twins own several major fashion companies and will soon be expanding into home decor. When they started The Row, the purposely didn't tell anyone it was their line or put labels on the clothing, to make sure that they had a decent product and it wasn't just their name making the sales. Mary-Kate and Ashley are two of the most business savvy entrepreneurs of their generation and continue to grow and expand in a very calculated way. Below are 18 quotes from the twins on their business ventures. Whether the twins are inspiring others or giving words of wisdom, there's more to learn from these girls than just how to throw a party or solve a mystery about an orangutan. 

"Don't be afraid to take risks, well-informed risks."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"I think it's really important to be able to talk when something's wrong. I learned at a really young age that if you don't talk about it, it can drive you insane."
-- Mary-Kate Olsen --

"Listen to each other's ideas and opinions; it exposes you to other perspectives."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"We have really good instincts and it's better when we listen to them. That's both personal and in work."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"No is a full sentence."
-- Mary-Kate Olsen --

"Growing up we really worked and did things to please our audience and other people. I think that as you get older you really narrow down what makes you happy and what you want to be doing."
-- Mary-Kate Olsen--

"The pressure comes from ourselves. We're not part of some big house where we have to hit certain numbers."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"We like having success with one thing before we move on to the next. We don’t like to spread ourselves too thin."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"I find it better to focus on what's in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other."
-- Mary-Kate Olsen --

"We wanted to see if we could sell without a label that people knew. We sold them to Barneys, no press, no PR. People bought it. And being able to sell the product spoke for itself."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"We like to work hard, and we like to try to do everything 100 percent. In fact, it’s actually almost impossible for us not to. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes not so much, but it’s learning."
-- Mary-Kate Olsen --

“Communication is key; it’s the most important thing in life. And Mary-Kate and I get to communicate all day long, on all sorts of subjects. It gets us to a more educated, thoughtful place, because we often come to things from different directions — although we want to get to the same space and have the same goal and vision. But that conversation is what gets us there.”
-- Ashley Olsen --

""I don't think you know anything unless you try it yourself. The exciting thing is entering the industry and learning every day. Mary-Kate and I love to learn."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"Having a vision and sticking with your vision and staying true to what makes you happy because that always ends up producing the best result."
-- Ashley Olsen --

""You have to feel comfortable with yourself before you go off and do anything in order to make the right choices for you."
-- Ashley Olsen --

"I think I try and tell myself that everything happens for a reason. I really do believe it."
-- Mary-Kate Olsen --

"I wear tennis shoes to the office every day with sweatpants, I really like to be comfortable in what I'm doing."
-- Ashley Olsen --

""Especially when you're starting companies, you really have to be there every day because you're being held accountable, so you need to be present."
-- Ashley Olsen --

Pink Up Your Life -- 11 Pink Accents For Your Home

There have been numerous psychological studies that show that the color pink evokes calmness. If you're not super into the color pink, there are still ways to incorporate the color into your daily life. I love the idea of pink accent pieces in the home and have found some really great ones that I would love to share with you from One Kings Lane.

1. Pink Peony Arrangements -- $199

2. Patent-Leather Books -- $99

3. Ficks Reed Coral Trellis Side Tables -- $975

4. If The Shoe Fits Quote Tray -- $16

5. Shine Flat-Weave Rug -- $37-245

6. Lauren 20x20 Linen Pillow -- $119

7. Gloria Accent Chest -- $1499

8. Jennifer Garrido, Pink and Orange -- $199-299

9. Bellona Arm Chair -- $1399

10. Shanghai Pink Lotus Soy Wax Candles -- $49

11. Richard Silver, Lisbon Pink -- $269-569

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