Las Vegas Trip!

This past Sunday, Andrew & I headed out for a surprise trip to Las Vegas. Andrew had no clue where we were going on our trip and this was my special surprise for him. We took an early morning flight and arrived in Las Vegas around 7:30 am. I thought that taking an early flight would be great because we would essentially get another full day. What I didn't take into account is how exhausted we would be after having to get up at 2:30 am. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and headed to the Cosmopolitan for coffee. The excitement I had the first time I had entered the Cosmopolitan a few years back was gone. When did it all start looking so cheap? Anyway, the coffee was delicious. 
We then headed to Paris for brunch in the Eiffel Tower. We ordered mimosas, a cheese plate, eggs benedict, and french toast. My french toast was literally 3 inches thick and filled with banana cream. It was amazing! Andrew wasn't quite as impressed with his eggs benedict. At the end of the meal we bought a couple shots of $8 a shot! What?! I don't know if I have ever spent more than $3.50 for a shot of espresso.

We gambled and shopped a little and Andrew upgraded his iPhone. We hit up Jardin at Encore at the Wynn for dinner. Holy $h*t, I'm so glad I made reservations here. Not only was I in love with the food (soft rib raviolis, ftw!) and cocktails, but the decor was absolutely stunning. The Wynn is my current favorite hotel and this restaurant is a must. Yes, we even took a selfie in the restaurant - totally out of character for us.
We upgraded our hotel room and ended up with pink mood lighting and a TV in our bathroom mirror. We went to SushiSamba our second night for sushi and cocktails. Their mojito was one of the first cocktails I tried (before I turned 21 -- shhh!) and it was fun to go back and try them again. 
On day 3, we checked out Gordon Ramsay's Burgr and then went to Cleo at the SLS for dinner. The burger was slightly underwhelming, but Cleo was a real surprise. I love Mediterranean food and they did it so well. The decor there was brilliant, as well. My whole trip was obviously about the food.

On the last day, we went to Flour & Barley and liked their cocktails and pizza so much that we went there twice during the day. The last day was also our zip lining day. I hate heights, but sucked it up because it's something I knew Andrew would want to do. We almost didn't get to ride because of the high winds (oh, darn!) but they ended up calling us as soon as the wind died down enough. It was absolutely terrifying and my legs felt like jello. 
We got home late last night & while we had a fantastic trip, I'm glad to be home. We've decided that we need a lot more little vacations in our life. It was great to relax and unwind for a few days. Now, only a little over a month until we go to San Diego for Comic-Con! Let me know where your favorite places to go in Vegas are & be sure to check out our special Vegas episode of the Wine Thirty podcast!


What an insane couple of days! 

I finally hit 100 blog posts! I'm amazed that I've stuck with this and have gotten so far. With several million page views under my belt, I feel so blessed that my audience continues to grow and I'm able to make more and more connections with all of you. The blogging community is so positive and uplifting. I've found that blog chats on Twitter have been extremely motivating and help to inspire me when I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. I'm still learning what works for me and my blog and am still honing in on my voice. 

Our podcast hit 1 million listens! Yesterday our podcast hit 1 million listens, which I still can't really fathom. Our first episode was posted less than three weeks ago and we're already doing better than I thought we would in a year. We're finally starting to get into a groove and we're happy to have several guests in the works. We also now have a podcast snapchat (WINE30PODCAST). We're on iTunes, Google Play, & SoundCloud and are growing by the day. 

For those of you that haven't heard about my podcast - I have a podcast called Wine Thirty with my boyfriend Andrew. We crack open a bottle of wine every episode and chat about hot topics for 30 minutes. It's a fun little listen that keeps getting better. 

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I have been watching Plan With Me videos on Youtube all day today and have now added over 80 planner sticker collections to my wishlist on Amazon. I'm thinking of posting weekly blog posts with my planner designs for the week. I'm not really a Youtuber, so I think this will be a great way to share my creations with you guys.

I've also been doing the Blogilates June calendar and it's been kicking my butt! And my abs...and my legs! I'm pumped about getting into tip top shape this summer! I have a deal with Slim Quick Pure, which I'll be sharing about weekly with you on social media. I'm hoping to crack down and get back down to 125 pounds - dropping about 2.2% body fat. 

What milestones and goals are you working towards or have you recently hit. 
Let me know!

Look Who's Stepping Up Their Decor Game...

The past few months I have grown more and more impressed with Target's collaborations when it comes to home decor. The kid's decor is especially on point. Today, my sister and I were shopping and gave in to a super cute French Bull teepee and Pillowfort throw pillow for my niece. I received a text earlier that said:

Ahhhhhh!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! Love, Elly

It's pretty safe to say that Elly is loving the new items too. Pillowfort, French Bull, and Oh Joy! are three of my current obsessions and I wanted to share some of my favorite decor items with you. I'm in the midst of decorating my chick pit and there will definitely be a lot of these items in my space! 

Let me know your favorites by commenting below or by tweeting me @linelizabeth89!

Fox Square Throw Pillow -- $11.89 (On Sale!)

Happy Place Throw Pillow -- $11.89 (On Sale!)

Arrow Plaques -- $19.99

Love Wall Decor -- $14.99


Heart Ottoman -- $59.99

Photo Block Set -- $24.99

Dot Wall Decals -- $12.99


Teepee Tent -- $74.99

Play Tent -- $39.99