#NapaVibes -- BottleRock Fashion

With BottleRock happening less than 2 miles from my house, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about all of the great fashion trends at the festival this year. For those of you who don't know - BottleRock is a 3-day music festival in Napa. This years headliners included Florence & The Machine, Stevie Wonder, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Death Cab For Cutie, Lenny Kravitz, and The Lumineers. The festival always attracts a handful of celebrity chefs, as well. I've been enjoying hearing the music from the comfort of my home with a bottle of wine and using all the BottleRock geofilters on Snapchat. 


Be sure to let me know what your favorite trends are! 

I have included the Instagram usernames for all of the people featured below - in case you want to give them a follow or like! 

photo courtesy of: @gatheredsthelena
Hats are everywhere this year! I'm digging this all black outfit.

photo courtesy of: @r5familymusic
R5 has been posting pictures up a storm. More hats & loose laid-back style. Light airy kimonos also seem to be popular this year.

photo courtesy of: @mixerlittlelit
Jade from Little Mix looks gorgeous in high-waisted shorts with a plaid shirt tied about her waist. The weather is a little too hot to be wearing long-sleeves, but she looks gorgeous nonetheless. Distressed denim is also a major YES!

photo courtesy of: @nikkimoore8
Light fabrics, prints, chokers, and sunglasses. These girls are super on trend!

photo courtesy of: @victoriaaa_nicole
Printed rompers are cute and perfect for the hot weather! I'm also loving the basic tee with distressed denim. A girl after my own heart! 

photo courtesy of: @thestyleriot
This outfit is perfect for the heat and for the laid-back attitude of the festival. I'm definitely team top knot.

photo courtesy of: @miss_angie_lee
High-waisted jeans, sunglasses, and some neutral fringe. Very laid-back cool.

photo courtesy of: @matildalutz
I love that everyone at the festival isn't super made up. Fresh faced with basics! 

photo courtesy of: @heartyourface
I'm a huge fan of all the overall shorts. I'm so glad these are making a comeback. I'm actually surprised there aren't MORE Birkenstocks at the festival.

photo courtesy of: @momofarrar
Comfortable and cute dresses with sunglasses. Simple and easy-to-wear!

photo courtesy of: @erinzariah
Year after year, Erin always looks great at BottleRock. Her Nickelodeon days are far behind her and she's moving forward as a trendsetter. I'm obsessed with her hair.

photo courtesy of: @kaitlynldodson
Maxi skirts and dresses are everywhere! I'm loving these prints!

photo courtesy of: @sadieslick
This dress and fabric are perfect for the heat! I'm loving the simple styling.

photo courtesy of: @rdean3
What's Memorial Day weekend without a little American pride?! I love the coordination and the patriotism. 

photo courtesy of: @oliveandpoppy
Tanks with cure phrases are my fave and this one is perfect for being in wine country!

photo courtesy of: @kelmcrane
Felt hats and more overall shorts! As if I didn't already sing my praises for overall shorts --- YES! 

My Summer Wishlist

I'm usually not one for sharing my personal wishlists and usually steer more shopping & gift guides, but I've been working on my Nordstrom wishlist all day and really wanted to share my favorites with you. These are all items that I'm wanting to purchase this summer. I guess you could call this a Summer Shopping Bucket List.

Skagen 'Ditte' Watch -- ON SALE for $86.98

What items do you want to/plan to purchase this summer?

Evian Facial Spray

I was sent the Evian facial spray to review for you all and it came at the perfect time! the heat has been drying out my skin like crazy and a mid-day facial misting really helps my skin stay balanced. I've tried several facial sprays prior to this one and this is hands down one of my favorites. The travel size is perfect for throwing in my purse. I've been using pouches to make it easy to move my necessities from purse to purse and the Evian facial spray fits perfectly with all of my other "must-haves".This product feels clean and fresh and doesn't have a scent, so it doesn't conflict with the smell of my perfume or skincare products. 

Hello, favorite new summer product!

You can learn more about the Evian facial spray by going here 

*The product in this post was sent to me for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.*


I've had a really hard time getting motivated to blog this past week. I've been crazy busy the past month and finally have a few days off to relax. Andrew & I finished our first batch of kombucha and are almost done with our second. It is crazy delicious and so much better than the stuff we used to buy at the store. If you don't already know all the amazing health benefits of kombucha, check out my blog post about it here!
Andrew & I ran the Rugged Maniac 5k again this year. He saved a girl from drowning and lost his $300+ custom Oakleys. Ugh! So much for good karma! How easy does he make scaling that warped wall look? I am super bruised up right now, but really enjoyed participating again.
I've been working on a special limited edition box for one of my favorite subscription boxes, which will be posted on the blog later this week. I'm so excited about it! It was the first time I was asked to curate a special box and I really feel like I hit the nail on the head with this. This box feels super luxe and has lots of pink and gold. 
The first few episodes on the Wine Thirty podcast are now available on iTunes, Google Play, & SoundCloud. We have over 300,000 listens on SoundCloud so far, which is absolutely blowing me away! It makes creating just that much more fun and exciting. I'm sorry I've been slacking on the blog the past few days, but I promise that it's all for good reason!

Summer Travel Plans

I've been getting a lot of questions about my summer travel plans and I'm excited to share with you where Andrew & I will be headed this summer. This will be the most travel that Andrew and I have ever done together in a three month period and I couldn't be more thrilled.

SLS South Beach
June 12-16
Andrew and I will be going to South Beach in Florida in just under a month! Andrew has never been to Florida and this trip was my birthday present to him. We are so excited to get to sip on cocktails and hang out at the beach for a few days. The goal is to be technology free to whole trip (though we will be recording an episode of Wine Thirty & I will be taking photos for a blog post). I'm thinking about getting some spa services while we're there since this is a trip to completely unwind and relax. We'll be flying United for this trip, which I'm a little apprehensive about since I'm used to flying Virgin. I'm sure it will still be a great flight though!

San Diego Comic Con
July 20-25
I attended Comic Con last year as a professional guest and this year I have my own professional badge and am able to bring Andrew along, as well. I had an amazing time last year meeting the writers of Batgirl (my fave!) and Alexander Ludwig (History's Vikings). I sat through so many phenomenal panels and am excited to share the experience this year. The hotelpocalypse this year was a MESS, so we still have no clue if we're getting a hotel through Comic Con's partner or if we will end up shelling out $4000 for the week to stay at the Marriott Marquis like last year...we'll see!

Aria Las Vegas
August 14-17
Our trip to Vegas will be pretty short, but is bound to be a blast nonetheless. We'll be staying at the Aria, which is absolutely gorgeous (& doesn't smell like cigarette smoke!). We will be attending a menswear show while we are there, but plan on hitting up some shows in the evenings. The day after we get back we will be seeing Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Mike Posner is concert. Yay, for a fun-filled week!

Let me know what your summer travel plans are! Where should we make sure we go in the future? I'm always open to suggestions!

Podcast News!

If you follow me on social media, you may have already heard the big news - a podcast is coming! Andrew & I have now recorded our first two episodes of our new podcast, Wine Thirty. We will be posting the first three episodes later this week and then will continue posting new shows twice a week.

Wine Thirty is a thirty minute podcast where my boyfriend and I crack open a bottle of wine and chat about hot topics for thirty minutes. We will have guests on the show every so often, as well. The first episode we talked about Celebrity Apprentice, if we think Obama goes camping, kombucha, and drunk dialing libraries. The second episode we chatted about partying in Mexico (& Vegas), Lush face masks, cancelled TV shows, and liberals vs conservatives.

We are so excited to get to share bits of our lives with you! If you're interested in sending us questions about business, blogging, relationships, politics, recent news, advice, etc. - feel free to e-mail me at lindsey@lindsey-sparkles.com, leave a comment below, or tweet/snapchat me at LINELIZABETH89! We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoy making it!

Steal Bella Hadid's Style

I haven't done a post about celebrity style in awhile and as soon as I saw these photos of Bella & Gigi Hadid, I knew it was time. The fact that I instantly knew that I wanted Bella's entire outfit was the moment that I knew I had to track everything down and share. Athleisure is everything that I'm about and Bella does it so well. I didn't include the Givenchy bag since the exact bag, except for on resale sites. I hope you love this style steal as much as I do! Let me know if there are any of your favorite celebrities that you would like featured in a similar post!

She cut this off. Take a pair of scissors and snip to the length you want!

22 People To Follow on Snapchat

As far as social media platforms go, Snapchat is my favorite. I love visually seeing glimpses of people's lives without editing. I watch the stories of everyone on my friends list at least three times a day. I'm obsessed. Anyway...these are my favorite people to follow on Snapchat. You can add me @linelizabeth89 and can leave me a comment, snap, or tweet with your username! Also, let me know if you know of someone that I HAVE to follow!

Ali is a blogger and former Bachelorette. She is currently pregnant and is always posting the cutest snaps. Her dog, Owen, is adorable!

Amanda does social media for Poshmark and is always snapping around the office. She snaps about food, working out, her dating life, and fashion. Seriously, so fun!

Ava is a former ANTM contestant and a ball of positive energy. I love watching her snaps for a quick pick me up.

Morgan Stewart from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. I live vicariously though every snap.

I adore Cher Lloyd as a singer and as a person. How does she always look so perfect in her snaps?

Christen is a popular Youtuber, but I have to say I prefer her snaps. Christen is so real and so positive. She is someone that I would be friends with IRL.

Demi is one of my favorite celebrities to follow - always keeping it real (& fun!)

Dorothy Wang from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Even though she denies it, she always looks gorgeous. Ugh! Major envy!

Emily is one of the twins from this past season of the Bachelor. Haley & Emily are always singing, dancing, and having fun.

Emily from the blog Cupcakes & Cashmere. I am in love with her books, as well as, her blog. Snapchat is no different.

Katelyn was on American Idol seasons ago and still has an incredible voice. Her hair is always stunning and she is always laid-back.

How could I include Emily & not include Haley? Love both of them.

"Get out, right now, it's the end of you & me..." JoJo is back and better than ever. It's hard not to still love everything she does.

Kailyn is my favorite "teen mom". She's not a teen anymore and is finishing up college. Her sons Issac and Lincoln are absolutely adorable and she is frequently snapping fun stories with her kids. 

I usually can't stand model's Snapchats, but Karlie comes across as intelligent and goofy. You won't find a 300 second story of snaps in the club from Karlie.

Michael is 1/2 of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. His "Susan" comes out when he travels, which is always hysterical + you see a lot of Lauryn in his stories, as well.

I interviewed author, Michelle Madow, for my blog a few months back and followed her on social media before that. She's always going out with friends or traveling. It's fun to keep up with her! You can read my interview with her here.

I did a music video with Alyssa Shouse & Jason Derulo back in 2010. Alyssa is still in the music game, but now spending the majority of her time in Nashville. She recently interviewed a bunch of country stars and posted funny videos with them on her Snapchat.

Kesha, my love! Kesha is always posting positive snaps even through her nasty legal battle. I can't say enough great things about her.

Rachel is a former Miss Delaware USA and is one of the most funny people I follow on Snapchat. She is constantly doing parodies of the current contestants (not in a malicious way) and is just plain entertaining.

Jordan Younger is one of my favorite bloggers and the author of Breaking Vegan. Jordan is super great about responding to snaps.

Lauryn Evarts is another one of my all-time favorite bloggers and is amazing at responding. I love when she features "The Nanz" and her snaps with Michael. They're a great duo!