An Influential Woman In My Life

When I was asked to write about a woman who influenced me, my first thought was to write about my mother. My mother is an incredible person, but there was something that made me feel like that would be the wrong choice. After attending a memorial service for a close family friend today, I knew exactly who I wanted to write about.

I first met Melinda a few years back. She has married one of my mom's friends from college and attended my mom's monthly wine parties. Melinda would always ask me about the things going on in my life and would always remember details about my job, my life, my family. and my boyfriend. When I had a ladie's brunch at my house, she showed up early to help me set-up (without me even asking) and arrived with roses in a vase that she decorated for me herself. She helped with day of set-up for my mom's vow renewal last December, as well. Melinda was always the first to help and always knew when you needed help, even when you didn't ask for it.

Melinda had an extensive heart surgery when she was 30 and was constantly in and out of the hospital. She never complained about her health and never asked for anything. In all honesty, she never complained about ANYTHING. She loved her husband, her family, her job, and her friends. Her life was rich and full of beauty even when he body was failing her.

Melinda passed away unexpectedly on Easter. It came as a shock to me since I had seen her less than a week before at my mom's wine party and had had a long conversation with her. She looked so happy and healthy. She had sent us on our camping trip with a big pot of clam chowder that she made for us. Today, I attended her memorial service and heard dozens of people singing Melinda the same praises. She was one of the most helpful, loyal, and giving person that most people have ever met.

Her husband talked to her cardiologist after her passing to ask what her actual cause of death was. After a brief discussion, the doctor informed him that he had told her that she could die at any time = 2 years ago. She decided to keep that from her husband and everyone around and instead chose to use her limited time to share her gratitude and love with the people around her.

Melinda taught me that I never have any reason to complain, to love to my fullest capacity, and that there's never a reason big enough to prohibit you from helping someone else. I feel good about the last conversation I had with her, but wish I had let her know how much she affected my life.

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  1. This is such an inspiring post, so beautiful!

    Martha xx