When Face Masks

Sheet masks are one of my guilty pleasures so when I found out I would be receiving When face masks, I was ecstatic. The great thing about When face masks is that there is a mask for almost every skin issue. I received a sample pack that included Travelmate (refreshing mask), Glamour Base (preparing mask), 10:00 PM (replenishing mask), Snow Magic (brightening mask), & The Last Choice (hydrating mask). The pack of all 5 sells for $35 & can be purchased by clicking here
The first mask I tried was Snow Magic & I loved it! These masks didn't irritate my sensitive skin and feel incredibly soothing. A few days later I tried the 10:00 PM mask and had great results again. I try not to do sheet masks everyday since that tends to mess up my skin, so I haven't tried the other three masks yet, but I have high hopes for them! I'm most excited for the Travelmate mask since I'm always on the go. I'm saving the Glamour Base mask for the next event that I go to & wear a full face of make-up. After trying the first two masks, I can guarantee that these masks will be something I continue using in the future. I will probably end up buying packs of my favorites.

You can buy When face masks individually or in a pack. You can purchase them at any of the retailers below:

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*The masks in the post were sent to me for free to review. All opinions are my own.*

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  1. I saw these when I was at Sephora a couple of days ago and have them on my to try list. I just can't bring myself to buy anymore masks until I run out of the like 15 I already have.

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