From Aunt Flo

I've been loving trying out different types of subscription boxes and am really glad I tried out this one! I didn't have a period for three years of my life and am just now getting used to having to go through menstruation every month. I forgot how absolutely miserable having a period is! This box was definitely a blessing. I received my Aunt Flo Pamper Pack two days before I started my period this month. The box included a mix of pads and tampons (you can specify a preference when signing up), tea for a calm cycle, a selection of chocolates, Tide laundry detergent, and fuzzy socks. I personally don't like chocolate, so that got passed off to Andrew (who deserved it for listening to me whine on my period). The tea tasted great and did help me kick back and relax a little. The pads/tampons were enough if you have a short/light period like me, but if you bleed more than two days you would need to buy more. I love that all of the feminine hygiene products they sent were "active" products since those are the ones I usually tend to buy at the store. The fuzzy socks were a highlight for me because it felt like a little treat for myself. This took away some of the stress of my period and gave me something to look forward to. Thanks, Aunt Flo!
You can subscribe and get a monthly Aunt Flo Pamper Pack by clicking here

Subscriptions are $19.99 for month-to-month and cost slightly less if you sign-up for a longer subscription.

*The subscription box mentioned in this post was sent to me for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.*

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