Zootopia Movie Review

I spent weeks counting down until the opening weekend of Zootopia (even though I planned on seeing it on a Monday when there would be less children) and swooned over all of the super cute kids toys and clothing promoting the film. 

My six-year-old niece then went and saw the film the day is opened and HATED it. I was shocked since she had been so excited to see it. She has loved the preview with the sloths and I just didn't understand why she didn't like it. My sister said it was because she didn't understand the jokes and that they were aimed more towards adults.

I ended up not having time to go to the theater until Wednesday, but am glad that I still gave the movie a chance. I figured going to the latest showing on a school night would mean less kids, boy was I wrong! The theater was packed full of children. The movie started and the laughs came quickly...from the adults. It's not that the jokes were inappropriate in anyway, but a lot of them referenced pop culture. Kids just don't think a Godfather reference is as funny as adults do. I believe the majority of the children in the audience only laughed two or three times the entire film. The cast was phenomenal and the writing was great. Zootopia is easily one of my favorite animated films of the decade and is neck and neck with Inside Out. 

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman were both amazing and they were supported by so many other wonderful voice actors. Zootopia is a film that I was definitely be buying when it comes out. Maybe if my niece watches this film again in 4-5 years, she will enjoy it more. I have to admit that I even want to go out and buy a Zootopia notebook now, but how could I not? SO CUTE!

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