Linde Lane Tea Room -- 3.6.16

One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday is going out for high tea. Tea houses are always so cute and I'm a big fan of little finger sandwiches. Today, I took a little venture out to Dixon with my sister, niece, stepmom, and grandma for some tea. My niece was crazy excited to go because it was her "first real tea party ever"! We were sat in our own little section of the tea house and ordered our tea selections within minutes of sitting down. I opted for a white peony tea and the duchess lunch. The meal started off with sorbet and a little sugar cookie and shortly after my salad came out. Everyone else had gone with the tomato bisque, but it's hard for me to turn down a good salad. Then, out came our platters filled with scones, finger sandwiches, and mini cupcakes. I don't like chocolate, so my niece got an extra cupcakes, but everything else was delicious! I was perfectly content when I finished my meal and enjoyed every bite. The bathrooms were also decorated adorably in what could be a cross between Marie Antoinette and Alice in Wonderland. Overall, I would highly recommend stopping by Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon, if you're ever looking for a nice place to have tea in Northern California. I can't say there is much else to do in Dixon, but we did stop by the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield on our way back to Napa.

How gorgeous is that antique top?!

Best bathroom hook EVER!

My niece insisted on a picture, so I figured I would share outfit info with you guys!
My flats are from GAP & I can't seem to find them online anywhere, but I bought them in store a few weeks ago for $34.99

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