Skivvie NIX Review

I received a package from Skivvie NIX to review for all of you. I had originally planned on writing this post on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, but after opening the package I knew that I had to write a post immediately. 

First off, a little about the company - Skivvie NIX is a panty subscription service. It costs $17 a month (free shipping!) and you receive 2 pairs of panties. You can choose between 3 different packages. The T-Bone (2 thongs), The Rump Roast (2 cheekies), or The Tenderloin (1 thong, 1 cheeky). You can also choose if you like more neutrals or fun prints. 

As you can see, I received The Tenderloin. I have to say that I'm always very hesitant when trying new brands of underwear because I have a bigger butt and it doesn't like to feel suffocated. I opened up my package to find a really nice handwritten note and the CUTEST PACKAGING EVER! They package the panties like meat and even have the price per ounce. I almost didn't want to open this because I wanted to keep them like that forever.

The first pair pf underwear is this super adorable thong. The colors really pop against the black and I love the floral print for spring. This fit extremely well, is made out of high quality fabric, & doesn't create any weird lines or a muffin top. Score!

I thought it was going to be tough to beat the thong since I like it so much, but these cheekies did it! The lace lays perfectly against my skin. Literally zero lines! Their super sexy, comfortable, and make my butt look AMAZING!

Overall, Skivvie NIX gets a 10/10 from me. Every single part of the experience was fun and I am so impressed with the packaging, the quality, and the designs they sent me. I love that they also have a great sense of humor on social media! I feel like this brand knows exactly who they are and what they do and do it well. This is a subscription box that is well worth the price.

You can follow Skivvie NIX on social media @SKIVVIE_NIX and can checkout their website at

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