Easter Weekend Camping

 I finally got a chance to unplug this past weekend and I have to say that it's so refreshing to not have internet or a phone signal. My boyfriend and I drove up to Manchester Beach on Thursday where we met up with my sister, niece, mom, step-dad, and a couple family friends. My sister and niece got there the day before everyone else so when Andrew & I got there we had several hours of wine and games with my sister before everyone else arrived. My mom recently bought a cooking oven and made everyone lasagna, which was DELICIOUS! After dinner we went out to the hot tub and then topped off the evening with s'mores. 

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The next day we had an amazing breakfast and then headed out for a hike to the beach. Unfortunately, after hiking a mile and a half we found of that the beach was closed for the day because the water was too high. We had an awesome clam chowder for lunch that was made by an amazing family friend, Melinda. Andrew and I spent more time at the hot tub and then were put in charge of dinner for that evening. We barbecued some steak and chicken kabobs with rice, which surprisingly turned out well! 

I keep trying to figure out where all of our time went while we were camping, but I really have no clue what we did most of the time. On Saturday we were finally successful and making it to the beach. Andrew's legs and face got sunburned and part of my face got sunburned...oops! I'm not as good at remembering to apply SPF everyday as I should be. We obviously had even more s'mores on Saturday and even ended up singing a little karaoke. I sang a little Spice Girls with my mom, Michelle, and Eliza. It's always funny when the words scrolling across the screen are WAY off from what the words actually are. "Sell your body down and party all around" are definitely not the words. 

Sunday came too quickly and next thing I knew we were on the road and headed back. Andrew's mom was staying in Bodega Bay for the weekend, so we made a pit stop and had dinner with her and her friends. I had a really lovely time.

Now, I'm finally back to reality. I'm back on my laptop answering dozens of emails, writing blog posts, and getting ready for events. We got the sad news that our family friend Melinda, who was generous enough to send us with the amazing chowder for our trip, suddenly passed away last night. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. It's always tough when someone passes away unexpectedly. I hope you all had an amazing Easter and had some time to unwind this weekend.

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