Steal Emma Stone's Style

A lot of you have been asking for an Emma Stone style steal, which has posed quite a challenge for me since she hasn't been photographed much lately. I found this photo of Emma leaving a restaurant last May and spent hours trying to find the items that are no longer available on the original websites. Emma has been photographed in the jacket and shoes frequently and they are obviously staples in her wardrobe. I am obsessed with her Nike cropped leggings and am so glad I was able to track them down! There weren't any good enough photos showing her tank top or her sunglasses, so it's hard to pinpoint a brand or specific item. Pretty much any white tee or tank will give you the same look. I have included the music video for one of Emma's favorite songs so that you can jam out in your car, your bedroom, or even at the gym! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, Emma Stone is so gorgeous. I absolutely love the leggings too!

    xx Anne / Annesmiles