I've had a really hard time getting motivated to blog this past week. I've been crazy busy the past month and finally have a few days off to relax. Andrew & I finished our first batch of kombucha and are almost done with our second. It is crazy delicious and so much better than the stuff we used to buy at the store. If you don't already know all the amazing health benefits of kombucha, check out my blog post about it here!
Andrew & I ran the Rugged Maniac 5k again this year. He saved a girl from drowning and lost his $300+ custom Oakleys. Ugh! So much for good karma! How easy does he make scaling that warped wall look? I am super bruised up right now, but really enjoyed participating again.
I've been working on a special limited edition box for one of my favorite subscription boxes, which will be posted on the blog later this week. I'm so excited about it! It was the first time I was asked to curate a special box and I really feel like I hit the nail on the head with this. This box feels super luxe and has lots of pink and gold. 
The first few episodes on the Wine Thirty podcast are now available on iTunes, Google Play, & SoundCloud. We have over 300,000 listens on SoundCloud so far, which is absolutely blowing me away! It makes creating just that much more fun and exciting. I'm sorry I've been slacking on the blog the past few days, but I promise that it's all for good reason!

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