New Branding + Less Ads!

I'm sure you've already noticed that the branding on this site and on social media has been updated. Yay! I loved how basic and clean my site was, but wanted something that exuded my personality. I actually designed the new blog header and other digital materials myself, which was a first for me. I also decided that it was time to delete Google AdSense and to get rid of some other affiliate ads on my site. I was making way more money than I expected on those platforms (which I will post about later) but as of now have decided that user experience is more important to me than monetizing at the level. I still make money by working directly with brands, but don't want to clutter my site with ads that may or may not fit my brand. I do still have a few affiliate ads at the bottom of some of my older blog posts. I hope you enjoy the new changes! I'm keeping this short and sweet for you guys since I just wanted to share this quick update. Let me know what you think about the new branding by hitting me up on Twitter or Snapchat @linelizabeth89


  1. Your new branding is beautiful lovely

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