Running Tips For Beginners

I recently started running more and as someone who hates and has never had any motivation for running, I thought I would share some running tips for beginners.

1. Buy a new pair of running shoes or a new running outfit:: I know I am always more motivated to run when I'm really excited about a new purchase and want to try it out. Some new cute shoes or new running tights in a fun print always put an extra bounce in my step.

2. Make sure you're wearing the right shoes for your feet:: Do you have high arches? No arches? Do you over-pronate? Find out what the best type of running shoe is for your feet. Runner's World has a great Shoe Advisor that will recommend shoes for you.

3. Hydrate!: Nothing feels worse than deciding you're going to go for a run and then feeling like a dehydrated mess. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

4. Make mini goals for yourself:: Run to the second stop sign, walk the the next stop sign, run the the third stop sign, walk to the next stop sign. Little goals help! I went from doing 60 second spurts of running up to being able to run a 5k without feeling winded or wanting to walk. 

5. Find someone to keep you accountable:: When I started running my sister would text and ask if I'd run that day and would often offer to go running with me. Now, my boyfriend and I do daily FitBit challenges where we see who can do more steps in a day. (You don't need a FitBit to get the app or do daily challenges)

6. Make a monthly mileage goal for yourself:: The first month I was getting into running my goal was 50 miles. I barely missed it because of bad weather and taking days off for the holidays, but the month after I hit my goal and it felt great. 

7. Slow & steady wins the race:: Running fast doesn't get you to your goals any faster. You just get winded and don't go as far. Work on endurance and distance before worrying about speed.

8. Stretch:: Even if it's just for 2 or 3 minutes before and after your run. Take the time to stretch your muscles a little to help avoid injury.

9. Make a fun running playlist:: Make a running playlist before you go out. Choose songs at varying speeds and put the playlist on shuffle. If you need some playlist inspiration, you can check mine out here.

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