How To Be Single Movie Review

The moment I saw the How To Be Single trailer, I knew that I was going to go see it. Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie in the same movie just had to be female romcom magic. After someone slashed one of the screens at my regular movie theater on Friday night, I was a bit terrified to go to the movies on Saturday. I sucked it up and went anyway. Really, who's going to kill someone while watching THIS film. The theater was filled with single middle-aged women who liked to comment and cheer at everything. The women would coo anytime a somewhat attractive man would grace the screen. It was one part annoying and one part informative, since it gave me a different perspective on the film. A mid-twenties girl that is in a relationship is obviously going to think differently about this movie than a single woman in her fifties. 
First, let's talk pros--
Dakota Johnson had some great fashion moments. Dakota Johnson's mother (Melanie Griffith) played my mother in a short film once, so now in some roundabout way I feel connected to Dakota even though we haven't met each other. Therefore, I feel like I can't say anything bad about her ever. She was, honestly, one of the highlights of the film and actually seemed believable. She was great alongside both Nicholas Braun and Anders Holm. Rebel Wilson was her same unfiltered self, which equated to a number of quite funny scenes. Leslie Mann had an adorable scene in her office where she was left with a baby. This scene was easily Leslie's best in the whole film. Alison Brie's character definitely has her moments. The relationship between her character and Anders' character was one of the most real for me.
Now, the cons--
This storybook scene that lead to Alison's character meeting George...whar was that?! I felt like the outburst didn't fit the rest of Alison's character's personality. There were too many underdeveloped characters for me. Why can't I remember any of their names? With the exception of Tom and Alice. Not only were there underdeveloped characters but underdeveloped storylines, as well. Damon Wayans and Dakota Johnson were a weird pairing for me and lacked chemistry. The Pheobe storyline, while cute, was totally unneeded in this film. Everyone ends up with a happy ending, regardless of their relationship status, which I hate. Why do we need a happy ending for every single character? How unrealistic is that?!
In conclusion, I would have to rate this film a 6/10. It had it's moments, but overall was a little below average when it comes to romantic comedies. It definitely had potential, but I feel like the director and writers were at fault when it comes to this one. Great acting, bad development. I feel like this is worth seeing if you're just having a chill girl's night at home, but not worth rushing to the theater for.

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  1. I wanted to watch this so this is a really helpful review of the movie, because you've got the positives and the negatives, thank you :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire