Steal Demi Lovato's Style + Demi Lovato Workout Mix

Since I bought Demi Lovato concert tickets this past week & I've started doing weekly workout challenges on the blog, I figured this post would be a great way to marry everything in my week together. Demi Lovato filmed a new ad campaign for Skechers a couple months back and wore this super fun and colorful outfit. Can't you just imagine yourself doing the Legs For Days Cardio Ballet Challenge in this? You can! Here are the links to the items she's wearing in the campaign + a little bonus Demi Lovato playlist for you to play during your next jog/run!

More sizes are available at Evolve Fitwear

Amazon also has these shoes & some sizes are less expensive

Just hit shuffle & you're good to go!
1. Confident
2. Cool For The Summer
3. Stars
4. Old Ways
5. Heart Attack
6. Neon Lights
7. Really Don't Care
8. Fire Starter
9. Who's That Boy
10. Give Your Heart A Break

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