Brasswood Bar + Kitchen Review

I was extremely upset when The Farmer & The Fox closed at Cairdean Estate, but was thrilled to hear that they were working on a new restaurant to take it's place. At Brasswood, they replaced Scottish food with Italian food and brought over staff and the chef from Tra Vigne. I was invited to friends & family night last week before their official opening and was more than pleased with everything we tried.

Our meal started with a salad that included mixed greens, pears, and beets. It was absolutely delicious and I'm pretty sure I served myself thirds. We received the brussel sprouts along with the salad and they did not disappoint. Next up were the meatballs. I'm usually not a big meatball person, but OH MY GOSH they were amazing! The meatballs were definitely the highlight of the entire meal! We then received the rigatoni, which had bacon in the sauce and was cooked to perfection. Last but not least, we had the flounder with rainbow chard and potato puree. I'm not a huge fan of flounder, but the potatoes and chard made me not care. Great dish!

We also ordered a plethora of cocktails for the table. I ordered the last drink on the cocktail menu (I can't remember the name, but it is pictured at the top of the post). My boyfriend ordered the Sweet & Caliente (grapefruit, tequila, and jalapeno), which was just the right amount of spicy. I tried all but one or two drinks on the menu since we all ordered something different and wasn't disappointed by any of the cocktails. The Vintner's Punch mentally transported me to a beach in Mexico and was probably my absolute favorite. The restaurant is now officially open Weds-Sun from 12-9pm and is definitely worth a visit. The have a wine tasting room, art gallery, shop, and bakery at Cairdean Estate, as well and all of them are worth going to at least once.

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  1. I'm not much of a meatball person myself actually but those do look amazing! So do the rest of the drinks!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally