Hotel Menage Anaheim Review

Sorry, it's been a few days since I made a post. I've been in Anaheim for a little vacation. My boyfriend hadn't been to Disneyland since he was really little, so I gave him a Disneyland trip for Christmas. When browsing  I stumbled across the Hotel Menage in Anaheim. It was only a short walk from Disneyland and looked a little more adult than a lot of the hotels in the area. I decided to book and got a great rate ($79/night). I bought during a special sale - rooms generally run about $120+/night. We arrived a little after 3pm on Sunday and check-in was quick and painless. They place a $50 per night hold on your card in case of any incidentals. I felt like that was pretty normal. I've been to hotels that place a hold equivalent to your room stay, which ends up being much pricier. To get to our room we walked through the bar area and exited on the bottom floor by the pool. I normally hate being on the bottom floor, but our room was very spacious. We had a large sitting area, a flat-screen tv, a huge dresser, and a massive closet (as far as hotels go, anyway). The bed was comfortable and the shower was pretty easy to use. We did get a lot of employee noise in the morning since we were across the hallway from what I think was the laundry room. The biggest draw to this hotel is that it has a 24/7 pool and hot tub and the Disneyland fireworks are visible and only shot off from about a block away. It took us about 10 minutes to walk to the front gate at Disneyland from the hotel. We didn't end up trying any of the hotel food since we mainly ate at Downtown Disney and Disneyland. For breakfast instead of eating at the hotel, we opted for Panera, which was about halfway between the hotel and Disney. If we had had more time, I probably would have gotten a quick bite to eat at the Hawaiian bar by the pool. They have a fun list of cocktails and also serve beer and wine. The coffee in the hotel room wasn't great, but the Oxygen O2 bath products worked and smelled great. We did have house keeping walk into our room without knocking, which was a little weird to me. Overall, I'd rate the hotel 3.5 out of 5. It was better than a lot of the hotels in the area, but still felt like it was lacking.

*These photos are not mine & were posted by the Hotel Menage*

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  1. The hotel looks so lovely to stay in, especially for the price as well, i'd expect it to be more with that beautiful swimming pool.
    I definitely think house keeping should knock, they should have at least been coming in to give you better coffee haha

    Angie xx