Portland Update

We've been in Portland for a couple weeks now & I am loving it! We're finally figuring out furniture and how we want to decorate everything. We went to Cost Plus World Market yesterday and picked up a new rug, pouf, some wine glasses, and a tray. So cute! Postmates has been our best friend since moving to the new spot since all of our kitchen stuff is still back in Napa. Today we got donuts delivered and they have been a real treat. I hadn't had a donut in ages before coming here!
Our new mattress is taking forever to arrive which is a pain...mainly in my back! We borrowed an air mattress from Andrew's aunt who lives in Portland, which was great for a couple of days. Not so great now. 
We do have an extra long/extra deep bathtub though...which is heaven!!! I have been taking a bath every single day & the fact that I know live close to a LUSH makes things even better! 
When we first got here I made an appointment at a place called Finger Bang for a mystery gel manicure and this is what they did for me. They're even more gorgeous in person! Light pink with holographic mylar and edged all the way around with white. I have my second appointment there tomorrow and look forward to seeing what magic they come up with! 

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