Bumbershoot 2016

It's official! Andrew & I will be heading to Seattle next weekend to cover Bumbershoot for the blog + our podcast. Qualifying for media passes is always exciting and I'm especially excited because several of my favorite artists are performing this year. I've been dying to see both Halsey and JoJo in concert and am thrilled that I'll get to see both during the same weekend. I've started working on putting together outfits for the weekend, but Seattle makes it so difficult! It's going to be in the low 70's at the hottest part of the days, but most of the performances are in the evening. I need more cute jackets! At least my cute military inspired cargo jackets will be receiving their fair share of wear! What would you wear?! Share your festival fashion inspiration with me! Are there any performers on the line-up that you'd love for me to cover on the blog and a special vlog post?! Let me know! 

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  1. I am so jealous! The lineup looks amazing so I am sure you will have such an enjoyable time! Halsey is amazing in concert! I need to DM you about qualifying for media passes. That sounds like the thing to do! I vote for the military inspired cargo jacket because it can go with anything. With it being in the 70's it will be cool in the evenings so wear shorts if you can handle that.

    Single Vegas Girl