Moustache Baked Goods -- 8.3.2015

While having lunch with my sister and mom in Healdsburg today, I stumbled across a bakery and HAD to blog about it. It's called Moustache Baked Goods and it is everything I love in a bakery. Cute cupcakes, macarons, coffee, and a small retail area. They carry Kinfolk Magazine (which I am obsessed with), a bunch of fun jams (sriracha, anyone?), as well as, adorable notecards. My mom purchased four cupcakes and I purchased a green tea matcha macaron. I am incredibly picky when it comes to macarons and this one did not disappoint. It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet and the texture was perfect. I wish I had tried it before leaving the shop, as I probably would have bought a dozen more. Good news for my hips, I suppose! If any of you are ever in Healdsburg, it's definitely worth stopping by!

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  1. This post is great! The bakery you mentioned sounds so cute! I too love all of the sweets and drinks. The macarons you got seem so good! (I am a huge fan of them). xoxo