Alameda Antique Faire -- 8.2.2015

My boyfriend keeps recommending that I make a new blog. I hate having to write a first post about what is to come for the blog, so I'm choosing to just jump right into this.

Yesterday, my mom invited me to go with her to the Alameda Antique Faire. Even though Alameda is less than an hour from home and it's an event that happens monthly, I had never been. I jumped at the chance to go since I'm currently in the process of moving. I was hoping to find a cool piece of art or a coffee table. Going into the fair, I had NO CLUE how massive it was going to be. I walked the rows of antiques for over 3 hours and didn't get through it all! I fell in love with some alcohol dispensers, but convinced myself that I didn't need them. There were hundreds of beautiful coffee tables, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I did come home with a couple records to add to my collection. It was hard to pass up Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall". The entry fee to the fair was $5 and all of the records came out to $15. I also bought an adorable peach cobbler from a food truck for $10. For a total of $30, I felt pretty good about the event and will probably go again in the future.
The super cool alcohol dispensers

The furniture at this vendor was incredible

I love the cocktail shakers in the leather suitcase, especially on this cart

Beautiful chair & table!

My purchases. 

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