A New Addition To The Family

It's been awhile since I posted, but in my defense life has been a little crazy. We took a trip down to Napa for a few days to visit family and stopped at Bend on the way down and back. While we were down in California we went and visited puppies that my mom's dog recently had. The puppies were staying at the breeder's house so we had to drive about 40 minutes to go and see them. We knew we really wanted one, but the one we fell in love with just happened to be a pet quality one vs a show quality one and since there was a big waiting list for pet quality pups, we thought there was no chance we would get the one we wanted.
But...surprise! A few days after being back in Portland we got the news that this little cutie will be ours! We're still trying to come up with a name and won't have her for another 4-5 weeks, but are thrilled about the new addition to our family. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback and will get to be about 65 pounds when she is full grown. We would love some help coming up with names! We're going to name our second dog, Biscuit, if that helps at all. :) Enjoy swooning over puppy pics!

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